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Malpractice Claims Involving Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women.  Early diagnosis is critical because the cure rate for breast cancer is related to the stage of the breast cancer at diagnosis. Timely diagnostic tests, consultations and referrals can lead to early diagnosis. Failure or delay in ordering appropriate tests, consults and referrals, when […]

Planning Ahead: Steps You Can Take Now To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning This Winter

Incidents of carbon monoxide (“CO”) poisoning tend to rise as the outside temperature falls and families begin using their home heating systems, fireplaces, and stoves with greater frequency.  Fuel-burning heat systems are some of the most common sources of CO leaks in a home. It is important to remember that carbon monoxide itself is a […]

Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair Helps to Pass New Rhode Island Liquor Liability Law

This year Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair has proudly supported the efforts of the Rhode Island Association for Justice, a group of over 400 trial lawyers from Rhode Island, in advancing and ultimately obtaining passage of an important pro civil justice liquor liability law that will benefit every citizen of Rhode Island. Recent data from the […]